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3d Digital showcase, special ‘Guru Nanak’ sword and 550th coin presentation

Guru Nanak ‘Avatars Sword’

Sunday 17th November 2019
Khalsa Jatha Gurdwara

3d Digital showcase, special ‘Guru Nanak’ sword and coin presentation at the Khalsa Jatha Gurdwara

At the oldest Gurdwara in England, the Sikh Museum Initiative undertook a special showcase of digital 3d relics. The sangat young and old were able to engage with digital sikh relics through a 3d touchscreen and virtual reality headsets. This forms part of the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum project.

Cartouche panel of Guru Nanak on the Lahore Period Sword

Also on display was a rare sword from the Sikh Empire period belonging to the Sukhbinder Singh Paul Collection This sword which depicts a cartouch panel on an Sword from Lahore. Heightened in gold koftgari and wootz iron. According to Sukhbinder Singh ” We believe that this is the 3rd known sword that depicts Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The rest being held in public museums and the Royal Collection.” This sword has been digitised by Taran3d and was shown within the display.

The ‘Avatars Sword and the 3d version side by side

With the global commemorations of Guru Nanak’s 550th Gurpurb the bank of Nepal issued three commemorative coins. With this in mind Nirmal Kumar Thapa, Founder of Nepal Centre International visiting from Nepal and Minu Shrestha as President of Nepal Centre UK presented to historian and head of the Sikh Museum Initiative-Gurinder Singh Mann one of these coins to mark this momentous occasion.

Minu Shrestha-President of Nepal Centre UK, Tony ‘Sukhbinder Singh’ Paul, Nirmal Kumar Thapa-Founder of Nepal Centre International Nepal, Gurinder Singh Mann, Taranjit Singh, Peter Virdee, Gurpreet Singh Anand.

The Sikh Museum Initiative would like to thank Tony Paul, Gupreet Singh Anand and everyone who arranged for this groundbreaking evening in London. There was also a special kirtan programme including Taren Kaur and langar was courtesy of Peter Virdee.

The Sword forms part of the project: Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum where there are other objects that can be seen in 3d and virtual reality. If you would like to support the project then please click here
Please visit https://www.anglosikhmuseum.com/relics/

The project is funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and supported by Taran3d.

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