• 08 Sep

    Sikh Swords

    SMI 19: Sikh Sword-Talwar and KattiLocation: PunjabGeneral swords depicted The sword named a Talwar a weapon choice for Sikhs and a Katti a traditional Indian

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  • 03 Sep

    Harimandir Sahib Gold Dome

    Harimandir Sahib Gold Dome by Sikh Museum Initiative on Sketchfab SMI 18: Gold dome-Harimandir SahibLocation: Amritsar, Punjab One of the Golden Domes on the sacred

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  • 26 Aug

    Lahore Shield

    SMI 16: Lahore Shield.Date: Probably early nineteenth centuryLocation: The Royal Armouries, Leeds: Object number: XXVIA.140 This round shield is of watered steel, elaborately decorated with

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  • 26 Aug

    Sikh Helmet

    SMI 17: Sikh HelmetDate: Probably nineteenth centuryPrevious location: Lahore, Punjab.Location: The Royal Armouries, Leeds: Object number: XXVIA.35 A Sikh Helmet moulded into a shape resembling

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  • 25 Aug

    Leicester Sikh Manuscript

    In the above model select ” static pose ” or ” open” and press the play button. SMI 15: Sikh manuscriptDate: Early 1800 Size: 28

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  • 25 Jun

    Khalsa Army Flag

    SMI 14: Khalsa Army flag Date: Prior to 1849The Khalsa Army flag used by the Khalsa Army during the Anglo Sikh Wars of 1845-1846 and

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  • 26 May

    The Sutlej Medal

    SMI 13: Sutlej MedalDate: 1846Location: UK The Sutlej Medal was a campaign medal approved in 1846, for issue to officers and men of the British

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  • 13 Apr

    The Koh-i-Noor

    SMI 12: Koh-i-Noor with an amulet.Date: Before 1851Origin: Possibly Kullar Mines, India. The Koh-i-Noor diamond depicted in 1851. During the time of the Sikh Empire

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  • 25 Mar

    Henry Hardinge’s Sword

    SMI 11: GOLD-HILTED SWORD (GLAIVE)  Date: Before 1800Origin: France-Napolean Bonaparte Presented by the Duke of Wellington to Lt. Col. Sir Henry Hardinge, later Field Marshal

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