• 26 May

    The Sutlej Medal

    by Sikh Museum Initiative on Sketchfab SMI 13: Sutlej MedalDate: 1846Location: UK The Sutlej Medal was a campaign medal approved in 1846, for issue to

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  • 13 Apr

    The Koh-i-Noor

    kohinoor by Sikh Museum Initiative on Sketchfab SMI 12: Koh-i-Noor with an amulet.Date: Before 1851Origin: Possibly Kullar Mines, India. The Koh-i-Noor diamond depicted in 1851.

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  • 25 Mar

    Henry Hardinge’s Sword

    SMI 11: GOLD-HILTED SWORD (GLAIVE)  Date: Before 1800Origin: France-Napolean Bonaparte Presented by the Duke of Wellington to Lt. Col. Sir Henry Hardinge, later Field Marshal

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  • 10 Feb

    Brown Bess

    SMI 10: Brown Bess Gun Date: Before 1800Used: Widely across the world The brown bess can be described as a muzzle-loading musket. This musket was

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  • 29 Jan

    Khanda-pistol of Patiala

    SMI 9: Khanda (with pistol) Date: before 1879Original Location: Patiala, Punjab. Present location: Nottingham Museum ServiceMuseum No: NCM 1879-105 This sword referred to as a

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  • 20 Oct

    Guru Nanak Coin-Sikh Empire

      Guru Nanak Coin – Sikh Empireby Sikh Museum Initiativeon Sketchfab SMI 8: Guru Nanak with Maharajah Ranjit Singh-Sikh Empire CoinDate: 1828 (VS 1885) Original

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  • 03 Aug


        SMI 1: Chariana of Guru Gobind SinghDate: 1680’sLocation: Possibly Anandpur, Punjab, India. Present location: Toshkhana of Captain Amarinder Singh, Patiala. “Charaina” literally means

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  • 02 Aug

    Tikka Sophia Duleep Singh

      SMI 2: Tikka belonging to Maharani Jindan KaurDate: 1800-1840Original Location: Sikh Empire, Lahore, PunjabPresent location: Private collection Gold forehead jewelry ‘tikka’ belonging to Maharani

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