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Sikh Helmet

SMI 17: Sikh Helmet
Date: Probably nineteenth century
Previous location: Lahore, Punjab.
Location: The Royal Armouries, Leeds:
Object number: XXVIA.35 A

Sikh Helmet moulded into a shape resembling the Sikh turban.

This is one of a small number of helmets, probably made in Lahore, with skulls or bowls shaped in the form of the Sikh turban. The rim of the bowl is lavishly decorated in gold onlay (koftgari) with a thick border of stylised foliage and flowers. The raised central element is outlined at the base with a thick line of koftgari, and has decorative cartouches to the front and rear, each filled with intricate scroll and leaf motifs picked out in koftgari. The attached aventail is made of fine butted mail of iron and brass arranged in a geometrical chevron pattern, with elongated points dropping down over the front and back of the shoulders. Unusually, the lining of the helmet survives. This is made of crimson velvet, hemmed with a green border of tougher fabric. The leather lining band can still be seen between this lining and the rim of the metal bowl.


The helmet was breathed by Lord Hardinge of Penshurst in 1955.

The helmet is similar to other helmets in the Royal Armouries and other collections in the UK

Additional information

Also noted in the publications below:

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