The Sikh Museum Initiative is the global leader in bringing Sikh history and heritage alive through 3d technologies.

In 2016 we showcased the Breastplate of Guru Gobind Singh recreated in 3d at California and New York.

As part of our project in 2017, Anglo Sikh Wars Battles Treaties and Relics we digitized a number of objects for our exhibition and UK digital tour. These were well received, we are now undertaking another phase of digitisation. We will now bring to life over 20 objects from public institutions and private individuals.

We have previously created the kohinoor diamond (as it was in 1851), arms and armour from the Sikh Empire as well as other objects linking Anglo Sikh history.

Koh-i-Noor diamond (from 1851)

We will add 3d digital relics on to this website, these objects can also be viewed through virtual reality glasses and by our 3d touchscreens throughout the UK.

We will bring all the objects together into the online Sikh Museum, making it the most interactive collection to date.

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