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Harimandir Sahib Gold Dome

Harimandir Sahib Gold Dome by Sikh Museum Initiative on Sketchfab

SMI 18: Gold dome-Harimandir Sahib
Location: Amritsar, Punjab

One of the Golden Domes on the sacred Sikh Shrine Harimandir Sahib or (Golden Temple) in Amritsar, Punjab. These domes can be seen on the upper part of the Gurdwara.


The shrine is considered the holiest in the Sikh faith. Maharajah Ranjit Singh repaired the principal building in 1802 A.D and this act is commemorated by an inscription over the entrance to the central shrine, which reads:

The Great Guru in his wisdom looked upon Maharajah Ranjit Singh as his chief servitor and Sikh, and in his benevolence, bestowed on him the privilege of serving the temple

To roof the temple with sheets of gilded copper, he donated Rs. 500,000 and the work was executed by Mistri Mohammad Khan, under the supervision of Bhai Sand Singh.

Many benefactors over the years have contributed to the gold plating of the shrine.

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