Welcome to the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum

Oneness Day-Sikh 3d technology in action.

Expriencing the Sikh faith through tecnhnology
Khalsa Science Academy
2nd November 2019.

We had a fun day exploring immersive technology and 3D printing with the kids at the Oneness Day organised by @SikhsinLeeds. The kids loved the 3D printing demo and they had a lot of fun using the VR headset to explore Artefacts from the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum project by Sikhmuseum Initiative

We talked to the kids about how lucky they are to live in a time where they have access to all these amazing 3D technologies to create amazing things. Some of the kids were hypnotised by the 3D printer and it was funny watching them put on the Virtual Reality Headset and try to grab the virtual items.

Thanks to Taran3d for undertaking the showcase.


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