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The University of Wolverhampton-Vice Chancellor’s Dinner

Inaugural Conference of the Centre for Sikh and Panjabi Studies
A Journey of 550 Years: Sikh Studies in Academia
University of Wolverhampton

The Sikhmuseum Initiative was privileged to undertake a special showcase of the 3d sikh relics and artefacts at the Vice Chancellor (University of Wolverhampton) dinner on 04/09/2019.

Mayor of Wolverhampton

Gurinder Singh Mann gave a lecture on the many laboured years of research on Sikh relics and artefacts that the team have undertaken. Taranjit Singh gave introspections on the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum to the participants which is now live at https://www.anglosikhmuseum.com/relics/

The Team with the Vice Chancellor-Tim Steele

There was great feedback from the Vice Chancellor-Tim Steele of the University of Wolverhampton and the Mayor of the City-Claire Darke. The Mayor had stated that she had been following our work for some time.

Gurinder Singh Mann giving the history behind the project.

Thanks to all the amazing feedback from the international scholars and historians from around the world on our 3d museum. We are humbled and privileged to share this project with such esteemed individuals.

From the SMI team we would like to thank Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar, Director for the Centre of Sikh and Punjab Studies.

Professor Pashaura Singh (University of California-Riverside), Gurinder Singh Mann and Taranjit Singh.

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