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SMI 5: Panjangla belonging to Maharani Jindan Kaur
Date: 19th century
Original Location: Sikh Empire, Lahore, Punjab
Present location: Private collection

To be worn through two fingers and the braid to be wrapped around the hand. Item possibly came from jewel collection of Maharani Jindan Kaur and later in the possession of Princess Bamba Duleep Singh.

Additional information

On arriving in London, the India Office returned to Maharani Jind Kaur her casket of Jewels from Lahore which had been confiscated when she had escaped from British custody. Jind Kaur lived in the UK from January 1861 where she remained until her death in Kensington, London, on 1 August 1863. Her jewels were passed down to her son Maharajah Duleep Singh and thence to his various children. Bamba and her sisters possessed an impressive collection of spectacular jewels inherited from their grandmother Jindan, including pearls, large diamond rings, and a number of ruby and spinel necklaces. This piece formed part of Princess Bamba Duleep Singh’s jewelry collection. This panjangla was later gifted by the Princess to her Housekeeper, and thence by descent, Private Collection.

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